Candelaria Bulwark »

Candelaria Bulwark formed part of the maritime front of the Bay that protected the entrance to the port and the northwest front of the city.

It was built in 1672 at the initiative of Don Diego Caballero de Illescas, when he was governor of the square, with the intention of protecting the natural entrance to the port of Cádiz. Given its position, it suffered the continuous attacks of the sea. Being military engineers of the stature of Ignacio Sala, Juan Zapatero and Antonio Hurtado where those who were responsible with executing the repairs.

It has served as a barracks, engineering workshop, and dovecote of the pigeon fancier service of the Military Corps of Engineers.

The bastion appears as a protrusion of the wall that takes advantage of the geographical layout of the land and the rock on which it sits. It is of irregular levels and adopts a pointed shape to face the force of the sea. Its wall forms a slope and at the bottom shows a platform as a wave breaker. Above the wall lies a series of spaces with gunboats whose top part is located on the seaside path. The area is closed, in the part that looks toward the city, for various dependencies like the Guard Corps, the pump house, etc…

Comments: Candelaria Bulwark has been renovated and is now used as an Exhibition Hall. It has a Hall named “Tía Nórica” set up for expositions, as well as a large patio with palm trees where concerts, plays, and carnival celebrations are held.